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The German judge Horst Kettendörfer, planned to judge Teckel Standard and Kaninchen, will not be able to come to the International Spring Dog Show due to health problems. The German judge Astrid Küppenbender will judge instead.

  • According to the Law of Animal Protection of the Comunidad de Madrid, article 7.v, it is forbidden to use of choke collars that can be harmful for the animals.


  • The welfare and health of the dogs much be our priority in all dog shows. Exhibitors are responsible for the welfare of their dogs in all dog shows.
  • It is forbidden to expose the dog to a situation that might be dangerous for its health and welfare, such as leaving it in the car under excessive hot or cold temperatures and/or treating it in a cruel way. Violating these rules will result in the expulsion from the ongoing and future dog shows.
  • It is also forbidden to leave the dog tied on top a grooming table during a time that is longer than the required to prepare the animal.
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IFEMA, Feria de Madrid

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La Real Sociedad Canina de España (RSCE) fue fundada con el nombre de Sociedad Central de Fomento de las Razas Caninas en España (RSCFRCE) el 27 de junio de 1911, legalmente constituida el 12 de julio de 1911 y se le concede el título de “Real” por S. M. El Rey D. Alfonso XIII el 1 de diciembre de 1911

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GRUPO 11 ingles




Las razas incluidas en el Grupo 11 se juzgarán a partir de las 9:30h. del domingo en el Ring 24.


Se pueden consultar las razas incluidas en este grupo en los horarios de los juicios del domingo.





The breeds included in Group 11 will be judged on Sunday from 9.30 am in Ring 24.


Breeds belonging to this group can be consulted in the timetable of Sunday.