The ALLIANCE CANINE LATINE was created by the National Canine Organizations of Spain, France, Italy and Portugal to promote an agreement of mutual cooperation between these four countries to fully work together in Cynological matters of common interest in an ever challenging and changing time in our Dog World. We are convinced that such agreement will benefit in many ways all parties as well as dog lovers in our four countries.


The LATIN WINNER Event will be the official Event organized on a yearly basis by each of these countries at one of their major Shows.


In this major event several official and important Titles will be in dispute and specific Diplomas will be issued.


We invite exhibitors to participate in these challenging events and show the world the quality of their dogs as well as their talent as responsible dog breeders and exhibitors.



The “Latin Champion” title will be given to the dog that obtains three CACIBs in “Latin Winner” shows, in three different countries, by three different judges, with no time limit. This will be the only title on the pedigree of the dog.



In each of the “Latin Winner” shows the following titles will be on dispute:

  • Baby Latin Winner: awarded to 1º MB/MP of each sex in Babies Class
  • Puppy Latin Winner: awarded to 1º MB/MP of each sex in Puppies Class
  • Junior Latin Winner: awarded to 1º Excelente of each sex in Junior Class
  • Latin Winner: awarded to the CACIB winner of each sex
  • Veteran Latin Winner: awarded to the first Excellent of each sex in Veteran Class


The diplomas could be collected during the show in the RSCE stand, previous payment of the amount established by the ACL (10 EUROS)








Quiénes somos

La Real Sociedad Canina de España (RSCE) fue fundada con el nombre de Sociedad Central de Fomento de las Razas Caninas en España (RSCFRCE) el 27 de junio de 1911, legalmente constituida el 12 de julio de 1911 y se le concede el título de “Real” por S. M. El Rey D. Alfonso XIII el 1 de diciembre de 1911

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